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Client Testimonials

We are so grateful and appreciate our clients for supporting a small business. If you would like to leave a positive review, we would so appreciate it! 

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"The first time I saw photos of Posy Jade Boutique's photos online, I thought that it was impossible for the flowers to be made of wood. They looked SO real. Meeting Kellie in person and seeing the flowers for myself left me mind-blown yet again. They really do look and feel SO real, and every bouquet, arrangement and boutonniere I have seen have been absolutely beautiful. As a wedding photographer, I recommend Posy Jade Boutique to all of my couples. The proprietor has a unique talent to create the most beautiful arrangements. The lightweight flowers are easy to hold all day long and they remain forever for you to enjoy! I am not married yet, but when I do finally tie the knot, I know that hiring Posy Jade Boutique for my flowers will be a no-brainer! If you are in the market for flowers for any reason, you have got to have flowers by Posy Jade Boutique!!!"

"Posy Jade Boutique does phenomenal work. Attention to detail and craftsmanship is amazing. I absolutely love my beautiful bouquet 💐 and it will last forever."

"Highly recommend"

"Post Jade was so easy to work with for our wedding in 2021. Communication is fast and Kelli works hard to make her customers happy. I am in love with my beautiful flowers that I’ll get to keep forever"

"Great customer service! We enjoyed our flowers and have recommended Posy Jade to several clients!"

"Loved my experience with post jade! my bridal bouquet turned out perfect! It matched my colors and was stunning! Great customer service!"

"If you want amazing customer service, awesome work and great flowers then you need to order from Kellie! You will love her excellent work!"

"We have been lucky enough to know and work with Kellie and her magnificent product for years, and we couldn't be more grateful for that blessing! Friendly, talented, professional, Kellie has a true gift and her work leaves me in awe constantly. Her dedication to what she does shows in her gorgeous arrangements and flowers, and we always see such happy clients! One day when we finally have our official, big wedding, the very first vendor we will be booking is Posy Jade Boutique!"

"Loved my experience with post jade! my bridal bouquet turned out perfect! It matched my colors and was stunning! Great customer service!"

 "Amazing customer service! Loved the flowers and Kellie was so sweet. You should definitely order from her!!"


"When I tell you this is the best flower buiness ever, I mean it! Kellie was so kind and understanding. She made my dreams come true and the flowers were gorgeous! If you want amazing flowers and phenomenal customer service, Posy Jade is a win-win!"

Heather R

"We LOVE Kelly!! She can create anything, so incredibly talented. Thank you for everything!"

Olivia M

"You must buy from posy jade boutique! I wanted to get a courage for my girlfriend, but was pretty clueless in the flower world. That was no problem with Kellie. She knew exactly how to help me and make the perfect courage!"

Johanna V

"Highly recommend. Did a full setup of our wedding and it was beautiful."

Layla G

"Get ready for a book haha. So last year my previous florist canceled on me. I was so upset and really didn't want to start the process of looking for another florist. I am still trying to get that money back, but that is besides the point. A few weeks after that I went to my cousins wedding and thought holy macaroni these flowers are so freaking pretty. I started commenting on them a lot and then the MOB said "they are wood!" I totally didn't believe her. So I came a little early to help them set up and as I am walking around, I see this short little lady standing on a massive ladder assembling an arch spray wall thingy. I thought maybe she needed help. So I went over and had a chat, she happily accepted the help (she had her hubby there too helping). This poor girl was literally soaked in sweat, she had been working for 2-3 hours putting all these flowers together and assembling everything. If you ask me, I am a not happy when I am all hot and sweaty. But not this lady, she was super sweet and so happy to talk to me about these mysterious wood flowers. She gave me to crash course of the wood flower world. It was quite fascinating and I loved helping. Her name was Kelly I believe and she did the arch, aisle flowers, barrel flowers, all the wedding party flowers, the reception flowers, and a million more I probably don't even remember. So, I had her on my mind for a long time. Finally I got her contact info several weeks later. I begged her to squeeze me in because I couldn't think of anyone else to do my flowers. She said of course and we got my order all finalized. My wedding was this past weekend and OH MY GOSH everything was SOOOOOOOOO fantastic. I felt like a little princess in a fairy tale. I won't go into details, but my order was huge. Other florist wanted to charge me $6,000+ for what I wanted. Kelly did everything, setup, deliver, the whole shabang for $4,209. I highly recommend her company posy jade. I have and will always refer her. If you got this far (haha), thanks for reading. (I made this review before hoping on a plan to my honeymoon if that tells you anything lol)."

Johanna S

"I came to Kelly at Posy Jade Boutique with a last minute order because my previous florist canceled on me. Kelly fit me in and I will forever be thankful. Flowers were gorgeous and everything happens for a reason!"

Amanda R

"Great customer service! Small business is the way to go for your wedding flowers. So happy we were recommended to Kelly. Everything turned out so pretty. Highly recommend."

 Alexis O

"I cannot thank Kellie at Posy Jade Boutique enough. I had a big order with a lot of little details that I wanted to symbolize certain things in my journey of life. She did so much more than I could have dreamt of. My flowers were GORGEOUS!! That was a big topic at my wedding, everyone could not believe that they were all wood. I give Kellie so much credit for her talent, patience (there are a lot of bridezillas out there), attention to detail, and flexibility. If you are on the fence with going with wood flowers, DO IT! If you need the best wood florist around, hire Posy Jade Boutique!!!!"

Kevin M

"I highly recommend Posy Jade. We are local and we were referred to Kellie by our venue. So many raved about Kellie and her talent, so we trusted her with our vision. She did the full day of setup and blew us away!!! We highly recommend using this vendor for all your floral needs. I would also like to say that Kellie is LGBTQ friendly and we loved that we were not treated any differently. Her exact words were "Love is love, and that is all that matters."

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